I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs with all sorts of behavior issues – I’d like to say I’ve seen it all but I come across things I’ve never seen all the time!

I love problem solving and have gotten pretty damn good at “figuring things out” when it comes to dog behavior. I might be able to help you with current cases or give you some tools to help you improve your problem solving skills. You won’t find a lot of what I do in “dogwise” books! I realize that the more I learn, the less I really know and I look forward to learning from you as well!

Please note: I use reward-based methods and do not use prongs/shock collars. If you use these tools, I will still talk with you, but I ask that you be exploring using alternate methods (even when they don’t seem to “work” as fast), and that you refrain from turning things into a debate. 


Virtual Workshops

All Virtual Workshops are “Pay What You Can” after the workshop takes place.

No Bulls$%t – A Stoic Approach to Dog Behavior Problem Solving

There is NOTHING – no training technique or philosophy – that will make you better at helping dogs than a reliable system for breaking down behavior problems so that you can attack them at their root causes.

In this workshop I will introduce you to P.A.W., a simple system based on time-honored Stoic principles, that is a start to end framework for solving problems that people are having with their dog’s behavior.will help you diagnose problems more effectively and develop interventions that directly target the root causes, helping people overcome every kind of behavior problem under the sun, no matter how complex. 

It allows the trainer to methodically collect information, decide what is important and what is not, identify controllable and uncontrollable variables, define what acceptable outcomes are, develop the actions we are going to take to get us to those outcomes, and importantly, make all of it very explicit for the client. 

Sign up and we’ll nerd out on some dog behavior. And if you want to get real nerdy, I’ll show you how I’ve turned behavior problem solving into a math equation. 

Virtual Consultations:

Virtual Consultations can be used for whatever you’d like to discuss – if you want to talk about specific cases, or learn how to better deal with specific problems, I’m happy to try to help! Virtual Consultations are “Pay What You Can” after the Consultation.


In Person Workshops:

No Bulls$%t Problem Solving Advanced Workshop

In depth with the P.A.W. system. Covid precautions will be taken and workshops are limited to three people. In Person workshops are “Pay What You Can” but applicable travel/lodging and possibly petsitting costs will need to be paid for by you or your organization.