I’m not your standard garden variety dog trainer.  While I offer traditional training using reward-based methods (no shock/prong collars here!), my background and experience allows me to provide help in multiple areas. If anything sounds interesting to you, contact me to discuss, no charge, no pressure, and no commitment!

Dog Parents

Virtual Sessions:

Introduction (15 min):
A no-commitment chance to chat about your dog and your situation.

Training/Behavior Consult (Single Session, approx. 45 minute):
We’ll get right to work on addressing your problems with practical, doable plans.

Training/Behavior Consult (Pack of 3, approx. 45 minutes each):
Go more in depth and save with a discounted package.


Due to covid, I am limiting in-person training. If you are interested in scheduling in-person consults, please contact me to discuss.

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“Matchmaking” Program
Frustrated by adopters returning dogs they should never have adopted anyway? I have a system that will help with that. 


Long-Stay” Dog Program
Systematically assess and remove barriers to adoption for your hard-to-move dogs.


Staff/Volunteer Training
I can work with your staff/volunteers on implementing sustainable playgroup, behavior, or enrichment programs. 


And more! Contact me and let’s discuss your shelter/rescue needs and how I can help.


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Future Adopters

Many well-intentioned people adopt dogs that turn out to be poor fits for their homes and lifestyle. They often then pour hundreds of dollars into training trying to “fit a square peg into a round hole”. Sometimes they have to return the dog to the shelter – a discouraging and heartbreaking experience. I can help you make sure this does not happen to you. Contact me to discuss or schedule a free 15 minute virtual introduction. 

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Dog Trainers

Want to learn more about working with fearful dogs or dogs showing “aggressive” behavior towards people or other dogs? I can help. Learn my PAW system for methodically diagnosing and overcoming behavior problems. Contact me to learn more. 

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