I offer basic training services through The Dog House Daycare & Boarding. Contact me for details.


Is your dog showing fearful or “aggressive” behavior towards people or other dogs? The first step to getting help is to book a Virtual Evaluation!


Virtual Evaluation

Virtual Evaluation via Zoom or Facetime (30 min)
Fee  = $15 (refunded when you book further consultations).

This evaluation is used to discuss the issues you are having with your dog, and to start creating a roadmap for overcoming them. If I think I can help further, I’ll let you know what services I recommend, and the evaluation fee will be applied to those services! 



Virtual Consultations (via Zoom or Facetime, 60 min)
Fee = $75

I’ve had some success with virtual consultations for certain types of problems but not all. We can discuss during the initial evaluation!

In-Person Consultation, Oklahoma City Area (approx 90min)
Fee for 1 session = $120 
3 session pack = $320 (save $40). 

I have received my covid vaccinations. In-Person consultations take place in your home or in an outdoor area. This service is also provided as Pay What You Can for those whom the fee will cause hardship – do not let $ prevent you from getting the help you need! Please note that all customers must pay the initial evaluation fee.

In-Person Consultation, Austin Area (approx 90 min)
Fee  = $160

I make periodic trips to Austin, TX. Fee must be paid in advance to book your slot.

Limited Pay What You Can consults may be available on each trip for those whom the fee will cause hardship. If you cannot afford the regular fee and you need help, please contact me. 

Early Bird schedulers will receive a FREE 30 min virtual consult before the in-person one – this will be invaluable for my preparation, and allow us to maximize the time we spend in person! Early Bird deadlines will be posted on social media. 


About “Pay What You Can” services:

If you are uncertain whether you should pay the listed fee, here is a way to think about it: If paying the fee will prevent you from spending money on something else you need, or if you have to “do the math” do see whether the cost of help can fit into your life, please don’t pay the full fee. Just Pay What You Can comfortably afford after the consult, no questions asked. All I ask is that you will commit to working with and managing your dog’s behavior, and that you are serious about helping your dog. 

If these conditions do not apply to you, we ask that you please pay the full fee – we are trying to make sure that anyone who can’t afford high quality behavior help has access, and the only way we can do that is if people who can afford it pay our fees. 

While we will never turn away anyone for financial reasons, we reserve the right to deny Pay What You Can consultations to anyone we feel is looking for quick fixes, is not willing to put in the work necessary, or for any other non-financial reason at our sole discretion!