Would you like to get dogs with behavior problems placed more quickly and more safely? 




Do you have a case you would like to discuss or would you like to learn some of our strategies for addressing behavior problems?



Do you have a dog that is showing “aggressive” behavior or is just generally fearful of the world? 




Suzanne Clothier
Instructor, Dog Trainer & author of “Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs”.

“In the time I have spent with Steve, he has unfailingly impressed me with his intense focus on animals and their behavior. His observation skills are sharp, constantly honed, all serving his deep curiosity about animals. Able to grasp both the practical and the theoretical, Steve is a careful and critical thinker who evaluates new information and integrates it thoughtfully into his own approach.  Above all, I consider him to be a true “animal person” who I believe will make significant contributions to the field of animal behavior in the years to come.”


Dr. Sam Gosling
Professor, Department of Psychology – Animal Personality Lab, University of Texas at Austin.

“Steve brings so many talents to the table. In addition to his hands-on expertise derived from working with dogs, he is highly dedicated to understanding what makes dogs tick; as a result of his own empirical and scholarly research, Steve is an expert on the scientific literature on animal behavior and the dog-human connection.


Eileen McFall
 Founder, Final Frontier Rescue Project

Steve DeBono has extensive experience working with owners and with shelters and rescues to help dogs whose behavior poses a challenge. He can help with a consultation about an individual dog, or with setting up a behavior modification and management program for a shelter or rescue.”


Kate M.
Mom of Kendall

“I couldn’t ask for a better trainer/behaviorist than Steve. In addition to being very skilled at what he does, he is also incredibly compassionate and respectful (toward both dogs and people). I’ve referred him to several friends (each with different goals for their dogs – basic training, reactivity to other dogs, etc), and they’ve all been very pleased with their experiences with him as well. It’s clear from the start that his top priority is making both you and your dog happier, and he has the capability to figure out how to do that under your and your dog’s particular circumstances. In short, his approach gets results without resorting to anything that would harm or frighten your dog. I agree with what another reviewer said: working with Steve is the best money I’ve ever spent on my dog.”